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Booking information 8-10th June 2018.

6TS Weekenders new co-management will be “Soul Partners”, comprising of Phil Dick and Neil Rushton.
I chose those two veterans from an impressive short-list of volunteers because of Phil’s recent success with Detroit A Go Go and the many contacts he has made there, along with Neil’s decades of involvement and success with Northern Soul promotions and records, which began while I was still a dewy-eyed collector and dancer. They have worked together at Soulvation for several years now, as well as having their own separate promotions, and are particularly adept at organisation and promotion; two talents that I am tragically lacking in.
The next step will be to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s on some exciting live acts and then we’ll tell the rare soul world about it. I told Steve Woomble he had to reapply for his DJ spots by going on a course in self-expression and etiquette and that there would be a 3 hour exam to pass afterwards. However in reality the event will follow on seamlessly from the previous 25, apart from this time it will be better run: don’t tell Steve.


If you want to get your booking in now it’s the usual drill;
Weekender passes without accommodation -
£59 each or £20 deposit from Ady Croasdell
Cheques payable to
6TS Weekenders
10 Hatfield House
108 Great Titchfield St
London W1W 6SN
To pay by PayPal it’s £61 total or £20.75 deposit to ady.croasdell@btinternet.com
If you’re one of the lucky few regulars who get a caravan from us on site, it’ll be £95 each by cheque or £98.50 by PayPal.

Expect live act news and a flurry of press and publicity in a month or so.
Cheers chums


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We want to invite you to be part of our 6Ts rhythm and Soul Society. Be informed, be involved, pass it on, keep the faith!

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