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Randy Cozens - By Martin Gavin

Read out by Ady Croasdell at Randy's Service

It's difficult remarking on the life of someone who wasn't a personal friend, or even an aquaintance. However, I think it's appropriate to ask you to pass on the respect and admiration that many people, including myself, had for Randy.

Those of us whose lives have run in parallel with his, albeit a generation apart, cannot fail to be saddened by the passing of someone who contributed so much to our enjoyment and experience of life as we were growing up. Through the work he enjoyed so much he gave all of us the opportunity to spend some memorable and priceless times together over the years. We met our partners, made life-long friends and spent some great times together because of the commitment of people like Randy and his contemporaries, who pushed our fantastic way of life to the limit to keep it living and breathing 40 years after it was born. In particular, his role in promoting the original 6Ts events in London is now legendary.

I'd like his family and friends to know from Glasgow that he achieved a great thing during his life, which was to give others the opportunity to enjoy the music and lifestyle that meant so much to all of us far and wide. His influence touched the lives of people across the world and this has secured for him a place in the heart of so many people for years to come. That must surely be one of the most worthwhile achievements that anyone can hope to attain during their lifetime.

I'm sorry that I can't make it to the funeral but I hope these words are some comfort.

Martin Gavin

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