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Randy Cozens - By Karen


I knew Randy for six years but felt like I’d always known him. Sean Adams first spoke of him to me in 1981 but I didn’t meet Randy till 1997!. Soon after, me and Randy started to go to dos together. I met so many people because of him, and his enthusiasm for the music over-flowed onto me and many others.

I remember him once saying that he wished he’ d been given a different name. I told him that he had to have a name like Randy - it stood out and so did he; there could only be one Randy!

I only found out about his inspiration, dedication and discoveries a while after knowing him. He never boasted, got much credit, or made much money, he did it for the enjoyment and he wanted to share it with everyone. the 100 Club bar won’t be the same without Randy there, and the scene will miss the most infectious and loyal person that it has ever had - on the scene, the music and the person.

Randy would text me - day and night, I got told off at work because of it! My phone is so quiet now, I so miss his texts, even the 5am ones.

Randy, this is for you. Thank you for everything, so pleased and grateful I met you, always thinking of you.

Miss U, Luv U, Your Karen - Always x

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